IKING PRE-SALE PHASE (IDO) # 2 — Bounce Finance

We are very excited to announce that our second pre-sale phase has been completed.

Pre-sale details #2 at Bounce Finance:

Pool name: IKING PRE-SALE 2
Pool running time: 24 hours
Price per $ IKING: $ 0.022
Swap currency: $BNB
Swap rate: 1 $ BNB = 13,405 $IKING
Tokens available for Pre Sale: 652,250 IKING
Total raise: 50 $BNB
Vesting: 100% Unlocked
Total raised: 10,741 BNB

We thank all the participants for joining the largest Crypto-Ecommerce project of this century.

We will be updating the information of all the pre-sale phases in our social networks.

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